About Designer Fire

The flicker of flames in an open fireplace has always had an alluring and mesmerising appeal, and now Designer Fire brings the warm glow and sensual ambience of fire to Australian homes without the hassles of a traditional fireplace.

Designer Fire - Seoul wall mounted bio ethanol fireplace
Our Passion

At Designer Fire we believe that an open fireplace is the heart of any home; an invitation for loved ones to gather together and bask in the glow of its hypnotic flames.

Our products offer Australians a beautiful, innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional fireplace so that anyone can enjoy the warmth and ambience of an open fire without their usual limitations.

Our Products

Our fireplaces don’t require any flues, pipes, chimneys or utility connections and are powered purely by bio ethanol (commonly known as methylated spirits), an odourless, clean-burning fuel that produces no irritating smoke, ash or embers.

All our products carry a 2 year limited warranty and have been crafted by an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems compliant manufacturer.  In addition, our 1.5L dual layer burners have also been TUV certified in Germany.

Designer Fire - Madrid freestanding bio ethanol fireplace

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      Virtually no
      set up required

      Unlike their gas and wood counterparts, bio ethanol fireplaces are a breeze to install as there’s no need to allow for fuel lines, electricity cables or chimneys.  Our freestanding fireplaces require either minimal or no assembly at all and are completely portable so you can move them from one room to another as often as you desire.  No fixed parts or pipes means that our wall mounted fireplaces are also easy to install, and you can even take your fireplace with you if you move house without any hassles.


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      Easy to use and

      Using our fireplaces couldn’t be any easier – there’s no need to chop wood, shovel ash or scrub debris like with conventional fireplaces.  Bio ethanol fireplaces are easy to fill, light and extinguish and are practically maintenance free.


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      Our fireplaces are gentle on the environment and use bio ethanol (commonly known as methylated spirits), a liquid fuel derived from renewable raw materials such as sugarcane, potatoes and wheat.  The main by-products of this carbon neutral fuel are heat, water vapour and a small amount of carbon dioxide.


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      Attractive and

      Available in a range of stunning designs, Designer Fire products are exquisite works of art in their own right, even when unlit.  Made from contemporary glass panes and sleek stainless steel, our fireplaces are the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.  Couple our innovative designs with the beauty of the natural flames when lit and the result is a stunning feature that will elevate the ambience of any room.


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      Clean and

      Bio ethanol is clean burning and so produces no smoke or ash.  While it has a strong smell out of the bottle, it is odourless when used as a fuel, and only upon extinguishing the flame will there be a slight smell (similar to that of blowing out a candle), and even that dissipates quickly.


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      Effective heating

      Because our fireplaces do not use any chimneys, flues or vents, the heat radiated is retained in the room, ensuring you stay warm and cosy.  In fact, our 1.5L burners have a thermal output of approximately 3kW and can heat a room of up to 20m2 in size.  We also have fireplaces with multiple burners or larger burners for heating bigger spaces.