Answers to all your burning questions (pun intended!) about our beautiful fireplaces

Q. What are bio ethanol fireplaces?

A. Bio ethanol fireplaces are an attractive, innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional fireplace. Powered purely by bio ethanol (commonly known as methylated spirits), they are clean burning and odourless so they produce no irritating smoke, ash or embers. Furthermore, they don't require any flues, pipes, chimneys or utility connections, so anyone can enjoy the warmth and ambience of an open fire without the limitations of a traditional fireplace.

Q. Do these fireplaces meet any standards?

A. Our 1.5L burners have been TUV certified in Germany all our products have been crafted by an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems compliant manufacturer.  All our freestanding fireplaces now come with a jerry can with a No-Spill spout with built-in Fill & Stop flame arrestor, and meet the ACCC's weight and size requirements. 

Q. Are the fireplaces safe?

A. While our fireplaces have been designed and manufactured to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance, keep in mind that open flames and flammable liquids always carry the potential for bodily injury and property damage. Ensure that you adhere to the instructions and precautions found in your user manual and that you exercise caution and common sense at all times.  All our freestanding fireplaces now come with a jerry can with a No-Spill spout and built-in Fill & Stop flame arrestor, and meet the ACCC's weight and size requirements.

Q. What is bio ethanol?

A. Our fireplaces are fuelled by bio ethanol, a liquid fuel derived from renewable raw materials such as sugarcane, potatoes and wheat. It is clean-burning and produces no smoke or ash. The main by-products of this carbon neutral fuel are heat, water vapour and a small amount of carbon dioxide. Bio ethanol is known by many different names around the world but in Australia, it is commonly known as methylated spirits or denatured ethanol.

Q. How much do these fireplaces cost compared to gas?

A. Bio ethanol fireplaces are much cheaper than gas ones in terms of initial outlay and installation but can have higher running costs if used frequently - our 1.5L burner that heats a 20m2 room burns for 4 hours on the highest setting on roughly $4.50 of fuel (based on the fuel being $3 per litre). These fireplaces are excellent for occasional heating, but could become costly to run if purchased as your primary everyday heating source.

Q. Do bio ethanol fireplaces actually produce heat?

A. Yes, they do! The key is to match the correct fireplace to your heating needs. Thermal output depends on many factors, such as the size of the room, existing ambient room temperature, ceiling heights etc... As a guide however, our 1.5L burners have a thermal output of approximately 3kW, and on average, will heat a room of up to 20m2 in size. We also have fireplaces with multiple burners or larger burner openings for heating bigger spaces.

Note that as these fireplaces don't contain any fans to push the warmth around, the heat produced is radiant heat rather than circulated heat.  For this reason, they have been designed to heat a room only and not an entire house.  You can view the approximate heating capacity of each of our fireplaces on our online Shop under the 'Specifications' tab.