Privacy Policy

We at Designer Fire are dedicated to your privacy and security. Any information that we collect from you is kept strictly private and is used only to identify your orders and provide you with the best and most personalised service possible.

Your details will never be passed on or sold to any outsiders without your express authority. The only time we will share data with third parties will be to financial institutions and courier or delivery services that we need to engage in order to serve our customers.


We ensure that all purchases made via our online store are secure, and for that reason, your payments only go through PayPal, Australia's most trusted and secure way to pay online. See www.paypal.com.au for more details.


Existing customers may receive emails from us detailing new products, special promotions and other news. If customers choose not to receive these communications, this can be done at any time by sending us an email and requesting to be removed from the mailing list.


As far as possible, we will take all care and make all effort to keep your information private, however this information may be obtained by other parties through means that are beyond our control and we will not be held legally responsible where this has been the case.